Hare  16. October - 15. December
Hares are the most important game animals for Serbian hunters. The hunting season for hares starts October 16th and ends December 15th. Hunting takes place on plowed or corn covered fields usually by walk up. Depending on the weather, hunting is easier in the beginning of the season when the ground is not as wet and soft as later in the year. Since the share their habitat with pheasants, they are usually hunted together.

Pheasant   16. October - 15. January

  Pheasant hunting starts on October 16th and ends January 15th. They are hunted by walk up along with hares.

  Pheasant shooting in a driven hunt can be organized in specialized hunting areas where the pheasant population has been replenished with raised birds.

Small game hunting  costs 250 per day, per hunter. Included in this price are:

- Full board in a
single room in a hunting house or a local hotel
- Hunting organization and an escort with a hunting dog
- Shooting of
 2 Hares and 2 Pheasants
- Additional game bagged cost 42 € per Hare and 18 € per Pheasants
- Surcharge for a four star hotel is 20 € per day


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