Roe Deer  15. April - 1. October

  Vojvodina is mostly agricultural fields witch the roe deer thrive on. Considering that the terrain is mostly vast flatlands roe deer hunting is mostly done with off-road vehicles. There are a few hunting areas where hunting is done from stands or by stalking. Hunting hours are from 5 to 9 in the morning and 17 to 20 in the evening. There are two hunting seasons. First from April 16th till mid May, and a second during mating season from July 25th to August 10th. On average there is a CIC gold medal trophy in every 30 roe deer, a silver in 20 and a bronze in 10.

  The roe deer hunting grounds are rich in game so we can guarantee an opportunity for a trophy of your liking. The client is not obliged to shoot at the piece presented to him but has an opportunity to choose a trophy to his liking from the ones of shooting age.

Trophy Roe Deer hunting

Organization of the hunt with hunting permit, off road vehicle and a professional hunting guard costs 155 €  per day (morning and evening hunt).



+ 1 /g



+ 1.4 /g



+ 4.4 /g



+ 7.2 /g



+ 8 /g



+11 /g



+25 /g

Trophies are weighted with large skull 24 hours after boiling, cleaning and bleaching. 90 g is deducted from the final weight. Trophy preparation (boiling, ...) costs 15.

Fixed price Roe Deer hunting program costs 1500 € per person.
Included in this price are:

- 3 hunting days and 4 days accommodations with full board.
- Transport between the airport, hotel and hunting area for the duration of the stay.
- Hunting organization including the hunting permit, a professional hunting guard and off road vehicle.
- 3 Roe Deer trophies up to 300g.

(A minimum of two hunters required for this program)

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