Quail  1. Avgust - 31. September

  Quails are the most numerous game in Serbia. Around 2 million of these birds hatch on the territory of Serbia during the summer. Later in the year they migrate to northern Africa.
  Quail hunting is done on terrains with low grass, stubble or clover, with a pointing hunting dog. Hunting starts at dawn and lasts for about three hours, with a possibility of another few hours before dusk. In a day a hunter will have at least 20 encounters.
  The bagged birds can be used immediately for preparation of royal meals for the hunters and there guests.

Turtle Dove  1. Avgust - 31. September

  Turtle doves nest in particular forests in Serbia. In August they gather in large flocks in preparation for their migration south. This gathering usually takes place between August 20th and September 5th, although this time varies each year depending on weather conditions.

  Hunting takes place usually on sunflower fields beginning at dawn and lasts for 4-3 hours. In the evening 2-3 hours before sundown hunting takes place at the patches of wood they spend the night on. On average, a hunter can bag about 20 birds per day.

Collared Dove  1. Avgust - 31. September
  Collared doves are plentiful in Serbia. The best period for hunting is from mid August to mid September when the sunflower fields are ripe. The hunting takes place on the fields or between fields and watering holes.

Quail and Dove hunting costs 220 per day, per hunter.  Included in this price are:

- Full board in a single room in a hunting house or a local hotel
- Hunting organization and an escort with a hunting dog
- Shooting of 20 birds

- Additional birds cost 3,00 per quail, turtledove or collared dove
- Surcharge for a four star hotel is 20 € per day.


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